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Inauguration Ceremony for President John S. Tanner, 10th President of BYU–Hawaii

Inauguration of President John S. Tanner

Inauguration Speeches
By Daniel M. Scott July 03, 2019
Daniel M. Scott
Chair, BYU–Hawaii Faculty Advisory Council
By Dallin J. Leota July 03, 2019
Dallin J. Leota
President, BYU–Hawaii Service Association
By Keilani Navalta Briones July 03, 2019
Keilani N. Briones
Manager, BYU–Hawaii Alumni Relations
By Elder Kim B. Clark July 03, 2019
Elder Kim B. Clark
General Authority Seventy, Commissioner of Education
By John Tanner November 09, 2015
President John S. Tanner
University President, BYU–Hawaii
By Henry B. Eyring July 03, 2019
President Henry B. Eyring
First Counselor, First Presidency