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Devotionals by President and Sister Tanner

Now, after all these years of trying to steer by the stars, I come to my journey’s end a president and professor. This is my last port of call as an educator. “Home is the sailor, home from the sea.” I leave confident that BYU–Hawaii will sail on, ably guided by a new helmsman who takes the helm at a difficult time when the University is sailing in uncharted waters.
To see our lives through God’s eyes is to see with 20/20 spiritual vision.
Our devotional today is intentionally temple-themed in honor of the centennial anniversary of our beloved temple, which was dedicated on Thanksgiving Day, 1919.
President John S. Tanner & Sister Susan W. Tanner
President and Wife of BYU–Hawaii

May 06, 2019
John S. Tanner
University President

January 14, 2019
John S. Tanner
University President, BYUHawaii

September 17, 2018
President John S. Tanner
University President

May 28, 2018
Aloha! It's good to be with you. It’s wonderful to be introduced by the love of my life and my companion, Sister Tanner. I saw that they flashed up at the very end of her introduction a picture that was taken when we were engaged. Some of you may think, “Who's that guy?” This reminds me of a scene in the novel Dandelion Wine where an old woman shows a picture of herself when she was younger to some young girls in the neighborhood. She tells them, “That's me when I was younger,” but the girls say, ”No it's not! You don't look like that!” Try as she might, the old woman can’t convince the children that she is in fact the young girl in the picture. Some of you might have felt that way when you saw the picture of a younger version of me. You may have thought "Who is that guy?” Well, it is actually me. It’s Susan and me when we were your age. Believe it or not, we looked like that. We were so in love then and we are even more in love now.
President John S. Tanner & Susan W. Tanner
President and First Lady, BYU-Hawaii

January 15, 2018
President John S. Tanner & Susan W. Tanner
President and First Lady, BYU–Hawaii

September 11, 2017
President and Sister Tanner
BYU–Hawaii President and Wife

March 06, 2017
John S. Tanner
President of BYU-Hawaii

November 28, 2016